In The News: Teen Convict Forgiveness

A dear friend of mine wrote this article and I absolutely love her passion for these kids. Erik, the focus of this story made a terrible mistake. However, if you make the mistake of cleaning up blood and disposing of a body, forgiveness a

nd rehabilitation are the least of our worries. Yes, there should be law reform. Reform keeps us honest if you ask me. Alongside reform we also need to push prevention. I’m not completely sold that the actions of young adults are a direct result of parenting, but I do believe there is a link somewhere. The examples we give our children in the way that we live our lives influence the decisions they will make later. Now, am I saying that Erik’s parents taught him to clean up a crime scene? No. I can’t even say that Erik’s parents did anything wrong, because I don’t know the whole story. The point I’m trying to make with this story is this. Erik, could be your son. Would you rather be fighting to get him out of prison by way of law reform? Or would you like to learn what to do now, to educate you and your children on how not to end up like Erik. We know what he did was a mistake, but if I could ask him one thing, I would ask him, “What do you know now, that if you had it to do all over again, would make you NOT do it?” Raise them to value their freedom, and you will be Raisin Em Real.   

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